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What We Believe 

 Our Core Values

Understanding that Jesus Christ is at the center of our faith:

  1.    We believe that God loves us unconditionally as we are.
  2.    We respect the right of each individual to define his or her relationship with God.
  3.    We believe that we can experience God as individuals and in community.
  4.     We value the gifts of God in each person and in our community.
  5.    We value cultural and sexual diversity as gifts from our Creator.
  6.    We value families including families of choice.
  7.    Following the example of Jesus Christ, we are called to live our faith actively in the world.
  8.   We believe in social justice and equality for all.

Church Organization

Christ-Centered -- Everything at Our Church is geared around our mission to "Actively Live Our Faith In The World."

Lay-Led -- The Lay-Leaders in Our Church lead by example. They set the vision and spiritual tone of the church.

Members Involved -- Our Church offers a variety of opportunities for its members to get involved in service and church life from lay leaders to volunteers.

Church Membership
To become a member of Holy Fellowship Metropolitan Community Church, individuals have to:

  • Attend a Membership Class.
  • Have been baptized, or agree to be baptized prior to becoming a member.
  • Declare their belief that Jesus Christ is their Saviour and Lord.

To ask a question about membership or to be involved in the next membership class, please contact the church office or fill in the form below.

Please provide the following contact information:

Street Address:
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Email Address:
Do you wish to:
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How would you prefer to be contacted:
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What is your question or need?

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Actively Living Our Faith in the World

Holy Fellowship Metropolitan Community Church
388 Dundas St., Unit 305,
London, Ontario N6B 1V7
PH: 519-645-0744