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A Little Bit about Our History!

Our Denomination, the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (U.F.M.C.C) grew out of a Ministry of the Rev. Troy Perry, in Los Angeles, California.  He had been thrown out of the Pentecostal Church for being Gay, and felt called to start a church for lesbians and gay men, who at the time were not welcome in most churches.  He wanted MCC to be a place where "Everybody" felt free to worship freely and where everyone was excepted for who they where.

The first worship service took place with 12 individuals meeting in Rev. Perry's home on October 6th, 1968.  Since then, we have grown to over 200 congregations and 15 - 20, 0000 members from all over the world.  Our experience has awakened to us other kinds of exclusion, including sexism, racism, ageism, classification, insensitivity to physically challenged people, and prejudice against with AIDS.  We believe that inclusiveness and justice are at the heart of the Gospel and attempt to express this conviction in our lives, ministry and also in our structure.  Persons from may spiritual backgrounds are in corporated into our denomination and are respected for their individual Christian Journeys.  We trust that their paths are guided by God.

In the fall of 1979 informal worship services began in London, Ontario.  We were officially recognized as a Worshiping body of U.F.M.C.C. in the spring of 1980.  Today, we are a commissioned Church with approximately 30 Members.

Our Worship Services are casual and the members of our congregation come from many different backgrounds.  We strive to maintain a balance between formality and informality.  Lay persons from the congregation participate in all services and one Sunday a month all facets of the worship service are lay led. 

If you have any other information regarding our church or if you just have some questions please feel free to contact us at


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Actively Living Our Faith in the World

Holy Fellowship Metropolitan Community Church
388 Dundas St., Unit 305,
London, Ontario N6B 1V7
PH: 519-645-0744