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Pastor's Pen 

Rev. Deana Dudley

serves as Interim Pastor at Holy Fellowship MCC

"In an effort to strike a balance between the Pastor's self-indulgence, and the congregation's desire to have access to sermons, we are publishing some of the sermons preached here at Holy Fellowship.  We hope you'll be blessed by having them.  As Pastor, and the one who will be responsible for most of what is aired here, I wish to acknowledge my debt of gratitude to the many saints whose thoughts and writings and lives have informed my own work.  I am told that one preacher who used to quote other preachers rather extensively was asked about his practice and simply said, "Are you familiar with the communion of saints?"  As you read these sermons you may realize that I fully subscribe to this belief as well!  I have tried to give attribution credit where I could, but if you recognize ideas, illustrations, quotes, lines from sermons you composed - or worse, if you recognize your experience in an illustration! - remember that you are included in the communion of saints! I've also heard it said that there are two kinds of preachers. There are the spiders who craft sermons from that which comes from within, and the bees who craft sermons by gathering nectar from other sources.  I'm a bee!  Consequently, I am grateful to the sweet words of others who have inspired me.  Although I rarely footnote, I do try to acknowledge when the sermon has relied heavily on other sources, but I have not acknowledged every source, partly as a result of poor record-keeping, partly to prevent the attributions from interrupting the flow of the sermon.  You are at liberty use these sermons for any not-for-profit use, so long as sources, where given, are acknowledged.  Remember, "Forgive us our typos as we forgive those who typo against us."  And God bless you real good!!!

Pastor Deana

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